The origin of odds®: the need to solve a daily problem

The origin of odds®: the need to solve a daily problem

I think it's interesting to start this blog telling how it came about odds®. I am sure that those who read it will have identified with me on occasion.
In my daily life I have found myself in countless times with the problem of having to differentiate clothes and personal items from the members of my family.

If already the daily task of organizing and assigning clothes washed and dried is tedious and boring, by the large number of similar or equal clothes to assign to household members and socks to be matched, the similarity of the garments or the ignorance of their belonging causes misunderstandings in the assignment, which also makes it uncomfortable and, why not, conflicting.
The confusion was both inside and outside the house. At home, for example, the clothes of my daughters, which took a year and a half, were hardly identifiable: pants, dresses, skirts, T-shirts, underwear, socks, etc. I confused them very often. Also, as I liked to wear them with the same clothes, confusion was more frequent, if possible. My son soon wore a number equal to my husband's, so the socks confused them too (the theme of the socks deserves a separate post).

Outside the house, the examples that I can mention to you are almost innumerable: the babis of the nursery; the clothes when they went hiking; my children, who did out-of-school sports, sometimes came with a sweatshirt that was not theirs, pants and other clothes; the school tracksuits that were the same as those of the gazillion school children, the backpacks, the sports bags, etc. 
I could list a host of uncomfortable situations, garments and confused objects that made me think I needed some solution.
The few identification systems that were in the market were not efficient enough or were not designed for all types of garments and some of them were very expensive.

Faced with this reality I wanted to devise a system that would allow, in a simple and quick way, identify the clothes of each member of the household and make it possible to match certain clothes, if necessary, such as socks. And that's how I came up with odds®, an innovative product, multifunctional, versatile, useful and very easy to apply, which allows us to identify and personalize garments and other objects, as well as matching socks.