Applications of odds®

odds® is a versatile product since it can be applied to all the clothes and objects we want, and everyone can use it: children, young people, adults and seniors. It can be very useful in those businesses that need to identify garments or other objects that are used in them (nurseries, nursing homes, gyms, colleges, hospitals, etc.). In daily life odds® applications are multiple. It can be used in home textiles, for school, in sports, for intimate clothing, on socks and stockings, on clothes, etc.

Next, you will see some other odds applications, but not all! there are so many that you will continually find a different and novel utility.

On home textilesodds® will help you tell apart the owners of napkins, towels, bed sheets and all other household items you want.

For the school: In clothes and objects that are used for school - you can put odds® on bibs, on school uniform garments (polo, shirt, sweater, pants, bermuda, skirt, coat, tie ...), on garments of the sports tracksuit, in socks, sneakers, backpacks, cases, uniforms of extracurricular activities and everything your children use in school.

For sportsodds® will help you to identify all the clothes and objects worn to exercise - both in collective sports where the equipment is the same among the team members, and in individual sports. You put them in sweatshirts, shirts, t-shirts, pants, skirts and sports dresses, swimsuits, socks, leggings, shin guards, backpacks, sports bags and many more.

For underwear: For underwear garments that we often confuse for being very similar among the members of the home, both for the size and for the color or design, odds® is a perfect complement that will help you differentiate and identify this type of garments just by seeing the color of odds® the person is wearing.

In socks and stockingsodds® is very effective identifying the owners of socks, stockings or panties, woollen tights, etc. and to match up the socks, even more if we use the same decorative motif for each pair of socks, since we will identify, not only the belonging by the color, but also the pair by the decorative motif. In case of stockings and woollen tights, which are practically equal in size when they have already been used, odds® is the one that will help us not to confuse them and always know whose each one is.

For textbooks and notebooks: If you mark textbooks and notebooks with odds® , anywhere on the edge of the cover, for instance, with one or several colours from the basic, decorative line or both, it will be very difficult not to recognize the textbooks.

On everyday clothes: For your clothes, for those that are basic, for those your children's that are the same because you like them to be dressed the same, so that when they go on a trip they do not come back with clothes that are not theirs ... There are many and different reasons that make it very useful to identify clothes and objects with odds®!

Other uses: You can use your odds® for many other applications as it is versatile and multifunctional. You will discover new uses when you get them.