Frequent questions

You don't know how to use odds®? Where to buy them? Whether to put them in the washing machine or not? And if you wear the clothes with them on, will something happen to them? Should I put odds® and take them off every time I put on my clothes? These are questions that can arise if you have never used odds® to distinguish your clothes. But here we are to make life easier and simpler, that's why we answer these and other questions about our product.

You don't know how to use odds®?

Too easy. odds® are designed to be clipped or fixed to the piece of clothing in a simple way. Just watch our video tutorial and you'll see how easy it is to put odds® wherever you want and... how easy it is to remove them!

Where to buy them?

You can buy odds® in our online store, where through a secure system of payment you can acquire all the odds® you want.

Can you put the clothes with odds® on in the washing machine or in the dryer?

odds® is made of plastic that resists washing and drying. It will not lose its shape or fixation capacity when washing or drying your clothes, so go ahead. Don't worry, odds® will remain fixed to them when doing the laundry, drying and wearing your clothes, and they won't wear out due to its use. You'll have your odds® for a long time and, in addition, you will always know to whom they belong. You will see how easy it is to organize clothes with odds®.

Do I put odds® and remove them every time I put on my clothes?

Once you put odds® in your clothes and objects, they will no longer be detached from them, unless you cut them with scissors as indicated in the video-tutorial . You'll see how simple it is!

Can odds® bother me when wearing them on clothes?

odds® is a product designed so that, when applied to your clothes, do won't notice you're wearing it. However, it is possible that improper use or improper application may cause slight discomfort when rubbing on the skin. For this not to happen, follow our advice and avoid placing it in areas where they are pressed by other items of clothing.