Achievements: Making an innovative idea come true

odds, finalist in ELLE Talent Project 2016

odds® was selected in 2016 as one of the 5 finalist projects among more than 400 projects submitted to the ELLE Talent Project awards to the best business idea of fashion or beauty.

According to the number 358 of ELLE magazine from July 2016 (page 74) in a report about the contest "Lola Ibáñez presented an incredible highlighter and flexible identifier of clothes."

odds, finalist for the Yo Dona 2014 Entrepreneurs Award

NEWS El Mundo: A showcase project wins the Yo Dona 2014 Entrepreneurs Award

The other two finalists were Lola Ibáñez, creator of odds® (, markers to distinguish items and know whose they are, and Ana Torregrosa with The Shopping Stage, an application that allows to organize fashion shows in which you can buy clothes live, also on the internet if you are streaming.

Women entrepreneurs

Report published by Vivero de Empresas de Cámara Valencia: Lola Ibánez, creator of odds and finalist of the Yo Dona 2014 Entrepreneur Awards

One of the key points to reach the second phase of the contest, according to the entrepreneur, is "to have gone to the Single Business Window in the Chamber, where I was redirected to a free course focused on female entrepreneurship with which to acquire the necessary knowledge, in addition to obtaining qualified supervision, to develop a business plan that will demonstrate the viability of my project”.