odds® lines

odds® has two product lines: the basic line and the decorative line.

The basic line is what differentiates odds® by color. In the simplest way of identification, each person is assigned a color, so that seeing the color the item of clothing or object wears, we know to whom it belongs. Likewise, you can apply as many of them and colors as you want, depending on whether you want to personalize the identification or not.

In case of Alzheimer's patients who are in an intermediate stage of the disease, the differentiation by color in their belongings is a capacity they maintain, so the basic line can be very useful.

The decorative line is what differentiates odds® not only for the color but also for a drawing that the odds® has on an external or visible part (star, heart, sun, flower, dog's footprint, smiley, etc.). This decoration provides a greater customization and identification, while making them more fun and unique. Each one can "customize" their garments as they wish.

In addition, for the matching of socks the decorative line is very effective since, already having an assigned color, you can use the same decorative motif for each pair of socks, and so you will pair them quickly by identifying each of those pairs with the same motif.

In people with visual impairment or blindness, the decorative line can be very useful for identifying clothes, since the each decorative motif has a relief which is easily distinguishable through touch.