How to use odds®

odds® is applied to the clothes and objects that you want to identify and differentiate by pinching it in a very easy, fast and simple way. It's so small that you will wear it without realizing it, and it will remain fixed where you have applied it, resisting washings and dryings, until you decide to detach it with scissors.

You will only have to perform two simple steps if you want to place your odds on the hem of a piece of clothing or on its label:

1st) Click the odds' pivot from the inside of the garment to the outside.

2nd) Close the odds on itself and press hard until you notice that it clicks.

And now you will have them without being able to detach by themselves.

In the following tutorial video you will see how easy and simple it is to place odds on your clothes and objects. Remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel - that way you will receive all the news we are publishing.