An innovative product

Today, there's no product like odds®. In an easy, fast and practical way, it covers multiple daily needs: to identify, to customize and to match the clothes and objects that you want.

What it is

odds® is a patented product that consists of a small soft plastic clip that can be simply clipped to garments and other objects (watch video tutorial), in a visible part as the hem, or in a more discreet one as the label (hence its easy location) remaining fixed and resisting its use, washings and dryings without detachment. It's so small that you will wear your clothes with your odds® on without realizing it.

What it is useful for

odds® is a product for everyday life that solves the problems of many, such as the confusion about the belonging of clothes and other objects, as well as the difficulty in matching. With odds® you will fast and easily know who the owner is, and you'll be able to easily match the socks. It's very useful in homes, whatever the number of people living in them is, as well as in businesses that require identification and differentiation of garments and other objects that are used in them, such as residences for the elderly, schools , colleges, nurseries, gyms, etc.

How it works

The operation is very simple. Each person is assigned a color of odds® that will fix or clip on your clothes and objects (watch video tutorial), in such a way that, when we see the color they are wearing, anyone will immediately know to whom they belong. Depending on the desired customization, a combination of odds® can be chosen by clipping one or more of them from the basic line, from the decorative line, or both - being also able to combine several colors.

It's multifunctional

odds® is a multifunctional product that not only helps to identify different clothes and other objects, but also customizes, decorates and helps to match them. When you get to know it you realize its utilities are innumerable.

It's versatile and multigenerational

odds® is a versatile product since it can be applied to any object or piece of clothing, such as garments, socks and stockings, pants, T-shirts, blouses, coats, etc., to home textiles like towels, sheets, napkins, etc., and many other objects such as backpacks, shoes, books and a long etcetera. In addition, it is multigenerational, as it is useful at any age.

Its social function

odds® can contribute to the accomplishment of required tasks and adaptations at home for people with certain disabilities, allowing them to carry out some daily tasks in a simpler, safer and more independent way. For example, in the case of Alzheimer's patients who are in an intermediate stage of the disease, differentiation by color in their belongings is a capacity they maintain, so the basic line can be very useful. Likewise, in people with visual impairment or blindness, the decorative line can help them identify their clothes, since the decorative motifs have a relief which is easily distinguishable through touch.


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